Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Running errands

My Meditation group started today. I've missed the class a lot - I find that when I go every week, I'm calmer and more centred. I try and meditate on my own with a special focus on my breathing but it's just not the same as someone leading it. It was hard to get up early but I was so glad that I went.

I also managed to get some errands done. The most important was getting my bus ticket for the trip this week. I'd thought about taking the train from Kitchener to Toronto and then to Poughkeepsie (which is where I'm going) but there are only three minutes for the Toronto connection and I'm too slow to make that. Some days I'm fast but I can't count on that. So I decided that I'd take an early bus to the Toronto train station, pick up my ticket, and have time to find the platform before the train leaves.

Unfortunately, I couldn't pick up my train ticket today. I booked it with Amtrak instead of Via because for some reason Via said it didn't run every day, but of course it does. Because I booked with Amtrak, I have to pick up my ticket at the Amtrak machine or kiosk at the Toronto train station. I'll want to be sure that there's time to do that.

I also picked up a semi-permanent hair dye. I've been mixing two medium brown permanent colours together - a blondish brown and a reddish brown - to get the haircolour I have. I think I found a close match in Natural Instincts; it's a medium golden reddish brown and when I put my hair against the sample, the match was pretty close.

I was going to leave my hair alone until I figured out what to do but because I'm going somewhere I want to look my best... and I'd say that one inch roots aren't my best look. So I figured that the easiest thing to do was use a semi-permanent dye which will wash out and will hopefully not give me a rash. Maybe if I don't get the dye near my patches, I won't get a rash. Also, this dye is only on for about 10 minutes so doesn't have as long to rashify me.

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