Thursday, September 10, 2009

The best laid plans....

By now I should have been in Poughkeepsie... but things didn't work out exactly like I planned.

The train leaves Toronto union tation every day at 8:30am, and I figured that the 6:05am Greyhound from Kitchener would get me there more than an hour early. There was one earlier bus at 5:35am but I thought I was giving myself plenty of time.

If I'd checked construction report before I set out, I would have known that they were doing construction three exits from the Kitchener one (at exit 286, Townline road) on the 401.... and that the construction goes fo 24km... and that delays of up to an hour are expected. Sigh. The bus driver did everything he could to make it as soon as possible, but there was just no way I would make it; once we got past the construction we lost so much time that we ended up right in the thick of Toronto morning rush hour traffic.

I rescheduled everything and am leaving tomorrow morning instead. I'm spending the night at Ian's parents because there's no way that I'm going back home only to face that construction yet again tomorrow.

Hopefully the rest of this trip will be smoother :)

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foxaz said...

ooh! Poughkeepsie! What great Chinese food they have there!