Monday, September 28, 2009

Finished version one of the head covering

I spent some time working on the head covering for the cancer support centre today. I think I have a good pattern now; it feels comfortable on me, at least. They said they wanted really long ties to go over the head so I did that, too. I think I like that because it adds extra volume at the top of the covering. When someone has no hair and is wearing a tight-fitting head covering, the face can look smaller and puffier - someone having chemo or on steroids for brain mets usually gets a puffy face. So the extra volume on top might make the face look better-balanced.

Meditation is canceled tomorrow but I have a haircut appointment in the area anyway, so I'm going to take my sample in to see what they think. If they don't like it then I'll re-work it a bit. Apparently there's someone who wants to help sew and once we get the pattern all settled I'll trace it out and provide instructions.

I think my current pattern is fairly easy to put together and it uses less than 1/2yd of 45" fabric (actually, I think I could get two out of that much fabric). If I hadn't changed my mind so many times about how to sew it, it would've taken only about 45 minutes to put it together from cut to finish.

So we'll see. If it isn't perfect, I'll change it. It's always easier to figure out what you want when you have a sample in front of you than if you have to make up a description from scratch. It may be that what they want is different than what they're going to get tomorrow. Either way, at least I've finished this sample. It's getting cold here and they need those head coverings sooner rather than later.

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Lyneya said...

I've been making chemo caps with a crochet pattern for a couple people I know but I totally understand what you're saying about the close fitting caps not always being the most flattering. If you get the pattern figured out, would you be willing to post or share it somehow?