Monday, September 21, 2009

A new hobby?

I saw the most beautiful handmade wire pendants the other day. I like this one the most, but really, everything that the artisan makes is gorgeous. These pieces aren't really my style; it's the wire lace ground on the works that really catches my eye. I've been doing research (errr... looking stuff up on the internet) and in the process I also found the most gorgeous wire fences - called lacefence. They're so beautiful and delicate and extravagant and functional and artistic... I could look at them all day.

These unconventional lace applications strongly appeal to me and I'm feeling like they call to me in some way... they're so beautiful and lacy and yet are in such unexpected materials. I'm finding that this juxtaposition of lace and unusual materials is inspiring to me and I think that maybe I could, with a bit - ok, a lot - of learning, try to make something along those lines. I don't know what, exactly. But something.

I've also been looking at lacemaking method through a book on Project Gutenberg so that I can get a sense of what I like and what I think I could make in wire. I already know that the ground on the pendants is easy but the lacefences are most likely a type of bobbin lace which is much, much harder. It's also much, much more intricate.... like complex spider webs.... and I love the look of it so much more.

I like the idea of taking a traditional craft and interpreting it in a slightly different way, even if that reinterpretation has no practical use in the real world. I know I could try and do something similar with knitting and wire but for some reason, it doesn't appeal to me as much. So we'll see what happens. As you might know, I'm good at starting new hobbies but I'm not always good at taking them anywhere. Therefore, I'm going to start slow with this one - better that I not spend too much money on it until I know I'm staying with it.

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