Thursday, September 17, 2009

One of the best parts about fall - tv!

We finally were able to watch the 2009 MTV Video Awards; we were both traveling Sunday night when it aired originally. Fortunately, these award shows are repeated over and over and over, so it's not like we really missed anything.

Well, except for seeing Kanye West make a jackass of himself - live - in dissing Taylor Swift in favour of Beyonce. What a jerk! And then interrupting President Obama so that he could talk about this further... Kanye's entry on Dickipedia is assured, I think.

Another thing I love about fall is that it's the beginning of the new tv season. Can you believe that 10 years ago, when I went back to University, I didn't watch tv? It's true - I didn't know anything about tv shows because I rarely, if ever, watched tv. Now I watch it all the time; only surfing the internet and sleeping take up more of my time. I guess that's sort of sad. At least I'm not watching Survivor... it's in it's 19th season. 19th?!!!? How can it still be on the air and making money?

Fortunately, all of our old favourites - Fringe, House, Bones, Dollhouse, Top Chef, and ANTM (they models are short this time - and why do they wear flat shoes at judging instead of high heels? They look more like munchkins next to Tyra than they already are), are back as well as new shows like Glee and FlashForward. I'm looking forward to seeing these shows. Watching new seasons of our old favourites is sort of like settling into a comfy couch.


manchester fat acceptance said...

thank you for introducing me to dickipedia! i see extensive time-wasting in my future!


Anonymous said...

I was wondering the same thing - why are the short models wearing flats when the 'regular' sized models who are already extremely tall weaing high heals. Wouldn't petite models look taller when wearing high heels ... or does Tyra just want to seem like a giant and totally dominating to the new crop of models?