Thursday, February 15, 2007

A very exciting day

We put a deposit on the Civic Hybrid today. :) :) We're going to get the one that's sitting in the lot that we test drove. At least it'll be familiar to us :) We have to get the money together as well as insurance, but we should be able to pick up the car next week. We're both pretty excited :)

I've emailed our property management people to see if there's a parking space in which we could store the old leased car for the next five months. I'm not totally comfortable leaving the car in someone else's driveway, but I'd be happy to park it here. The other option is to take it back to Mazda and pay out the lease. That would mean that we'd end up paying for the car anyways - so if possible, we might as well keep it around and drive it. As well, if we kept it and Ian does take the new car to weekend juggling festivals, then I would still have a car available.

I also made more earrings today. You can see my work here. I'm quite happy with them, myself :). I'm thinking of making more and trying to sell them. What do you think? Think I could get $25-$30/pair?


Darling Jee said...

Hi Chantelle

I bought a pair of handmade earrings off my esthetician today for $35 and yours are much nicer and more intricate.

Anonymous said...

The quality of materials + time spent would definitely indicate that range of prices. Have fun and good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hondas are fabulous cars...I love my little Fonda Honda...while it may not be a hybrid it is a great car.

And ....Gorgeous earrings my friend! Just price for the earrings as well.