Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Making more stuff

I sketched out some purse ideas today. It was fun - I haven't done creative things in a while. I bought some cheap purses at Value Village a while back so that I could use their frames. I took one of them apart and am going to use the frame and the body structure to make another purse. I need some ribbon and a small piece for the lining but I think that's all I need for that one. I hope it works out. I have ideas for a couple more purses for which I think I have fabric. If not, I can hopefully use fabric remnants. I will need to get some beads and sequins and stuff, too.

I like being able to design things, and I've been doing it since I was a little girl. I designed a wardrobe for Grade 1, although I think I had to pick my one favourite outfit :). In my preteen years I designed evening gowns. Once I learned how to sew, I designed some clothes for myself and would even make them sometimes.

Making clothes can be complicated, but making purses is mostly easier :) I don't know as much about purse infrastructures as I do about making clothes, but I'll learn. I'm going to try to sell them, which may or may not be successful. It doesn't really matter to me whether or not I sell stuff I make, but trying to sell them gives me some justification for making stuff I don't need :) The bottom line is that I have a strong need to make things, and for now, those things will be purses.

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Darling Jee said...

Me please. I'd like to buy one when you start selling them.