Friday, February 23, 2007

More about my earrings

So I haven't sold any more earrings yet, but two people have asked me for some earrings like some that I have, but shorter. I like long dangly earrings, but I guess I should branch out to shorter earrings too :) A couple of other people have asked me to hold pairs of earrings for them, which is amazing too. I can't believe that people like my stuff so much! Then again, it is unique and handmade, and I think I have a flair for colour and design. I'm proud of all of the earrings I've made.

One friend suggested a portfolio in which to carry my earrings - right now, I keep them in sealed plastic bags. I write what stones each earring contains on a label thing. These keep the earrings from tarnishing, but the earrings aren't shown to their best advantage that way. And people are reluctant to take them out of the packages - but you can only really see the beauty if you hang them up and see them. I'll have to think about this.

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