Tuesday, February 20, 2007

We have a social life!

I listed a couple of items on Etsy today!!!!! :) I'm very excited! :) I don't expect anyone to rush out and buy my stuff as there's a lot of traffic on the site and I'm an unknown, but I hope that eventually my stuff will sell. Over the next few days I'll add more items. I wanted to start out small and build up my store.

We also went over to a friend's place to play games tonight. We played Alhambra, For Sale, and Strange but True.

We've played Alhambra before and we like it; it took a long time tonight because there were two new people and a number of us were playing with hard puzzle-things (the 3D kind that you have to put back together into a solid object). Ian and I are considering getting some expansion packs for this game as each pack adds interesting new features. We'll see.

We didn't eat dinner with our friends (they had pizza; we made a stir-fry), so we missed most of For Sale, but it looked pretty interesting. Basically, you buy houses as low as possible (by bidding) and try to sell them for as high a price as possible. It's a pretty quick game which is definitely an advantage.

We didn't like Strange but True. In it, you read 4 headlines, only one of which is an actual headline. Each person or team bets on whether they think that the headline is real or not. Afterward, a story corresponding to the headline is read out and each person or team bets on whether the story is unverified or true. It's not all that fun. It got a low rating on BoardGameGeek, though, so I wouldn't expect it to be that fun. If you're buying a board game, then you're better off sticking to games that have a rating of at least a 6.5 or 7 on BoardGameGeek. Games with that kind of rating tend to be well-thought out and interesting.

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Etsy was on CBS on one of the morning shows on Feb. 22. You can see it here: