Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ready for sales

Everything I've made that is ready for sale is up on my etsy store. I have two items marked as on hold for other people. I wanted to put the items up anyways in case those people didn't actually want these pieces. They'll also give people an idea of what I can design. The pictures are very detailed; they show the flaws better than they can be seen with the naked eye. I think that's good. :)

Someone told me that I would need a GST number and business number from the federal government. I don't need either one, actually. I only require a GST number if I sell over $30K per quarter, which I'm never going to get near :). The government website also says that I "should" get a business number, not that I "must" get one.

Getting a business number means that I could order from wholesale places and that items could get through customs more quickly, but I'm not ordering that much stuff. I mean really, a couple of hundred dollars here and there won't make a difference going across the border. And besides, if I got a business number, I would have to get a GST number, which means that I'd have to collect and remit GST. If I don't have to do that (and I don't have to, according to the government guidelines), then I'm not going to. So there :)

I also had dinner with a friend of mine tonight - I haven't seen her in ages, and I was glad to see her tonight. I've missed her. She lent me all sorts of beading magazines that I'm reading voraciously :) I'm getting more and more ideas....

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Anonymous said...

Hi...just checked out your Etsy-store and I love the 'catching the light' earrings. You have done a wonderful job.