Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Technical support problems

Our internet went down earlier tonight. This is the third time it's happened; it has something to do with Bell, our service provider. They're also our phone company. Each time it's happened before, they've told us to just call and have them send the call up to second-level support.

So I tried to call and get it sent up to second-level support. Apparently the support database server is down and so they had no record of anyone's problems available to them. I told him that we've had this problem before and that we were told to call and have it go up to second-level support. I didn't get one of the a-team. Sigh. He seemed to think that he could still help me. He asked for my user id, phone number, and name, which apparently he typed into notepad. Then he asked what modem model we have. I've already told the guy that the problem is outside our house, and he asks me what modem model we have? That made me mad, because it's a completely irrelevant question. I know, the guy is following a script, but I don't do well with scripts.

I asked to speak to this person's supervisor and did so. He explained that they were to do what they could when their servers went down. I told him that they should be honest about the servers being down from the get-go. I also told him that it would be better if his people didn't ask stupid irrelevant questions when faced with some problems (like ours). Yes, I was my formerly normal, bitchy self.

We will have to call back another time in order to get our call recorded.

I also tried to access their site via my BlackBerry, and I can't get through to the online support there. It just says that I have an unsupported browser and gives me no option to proceed.

You might be able to tell that I'm not very happy with our internet service provider right now. I've been cranky for a couple of days (I don't really know why, but I've been impatient and cranky lately - maybe I'm tired?), and this doesn't help at all. I'll definitely give them a couple of calls tomorrow.

On the bright side, we're supposed to pick up our car tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!

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