Thursday, February 01, 2007

Shopping adventures

You should all be very, very proud of me today. I went to Winner's (my favourite store), and I didn't buy this pair (Aries) of shoes by Betsey Johnson for $100, or this other pair (Meri) of shoes by Betsey Johnson for $100, or a pair like this (Lemore) in distressed beige leather by Steven by Steven Madden shoes for $60. Yes! Winner's has Betsey Johnson shoes!!!!! I love love love love love these shoes!!!!!

I wanted all three pairs of shoes, all right. I don't have a lot of need for the Betsey Johnson shoes because I have no place to wear them - I just wanted them because they're beautiful shoes. And I do love beautiful shoes so much......... Sigh. I could almost find a use for the Steven shoes, but the colour wasn't quite right so I passed them up. So I didn't buy any of these shoes, even though I really really really really wanted them, because I am trying to save some money.

Instead I ended up spending money on makeup - but it was substantially less than the shoes would have cost. :) One of the drug stores is having a sale on the Physician's Formula makeup that I love, and so I bought some stuff I didn't have as well as some replacement mascara - they have a creme mascara (Lash-in-a-Tube) that is fantastic! I did find two foundations that I'm happy with - one is a Physician's Formula; there's a lightest colour that is working for me (yay!), and the other is a Marcelle brand in their lightest colour. I tell you, this colour-matching stuff is tricky.

At least I didn't spend that much money today; I'm happy about that. And I was able to find a couple of products that I like that weren't too expensive. All in all, a pretty successful day. It was a good way for me to spend the day before my oncologist's appointment. I'm feeling reasonably calm about tomorrow; I just hope that it goes well.

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