Monday, February 05, 2007

One of those busy and tiring days

The appointment with the genetics counselor was uneventful. She took my history again, and said that it was highly unlikely that I would test positive for any of the deviations for which they're testing. Apparently the main difference between the testing that I got before and the testing I'll get now is that they have a new test that not only compares genes to see if there is a positive variation (ie one of the known mutations is present) but they also test to see if some genes are missing. So we'll see. It'll take about 4 months to get the results. This is not a fast process.

The drive to and from the appointment was really awful because of slippery roads and snow and stuff - I didn't exceed 30kph for both drives to and from the hospital. I wish that drivers wouldn't tailgate when the conditions are bad like that and there are accidents all over the city - grrr. Between the earliness of the appointment, the fact that I didn't sleep well last night, and the drive, I was very, very tired.

I ended up sleeping for a long time when I got home, meaning that I skipped both Well-fit and bellydancing. I just felt so exhausted and I was having trouble breathing that I felt that it would be better to not do physical activities today. I think my asthma is acting up. It was like I didn't have enough breath to finish my sentences - it was a very strange experience. We've put the humidifier on because it may be the dry air making my asthma worse. If that doesn't help, I'll talk to my doctor.

Tonight after I rested, we went to a friend's place to play Werewolf. It's a slightly different game than we're used to because it has cards we haven't played with before. There was a fairly large group playing - 14 or 15 at the peak - and so we could introduce the different new cards. We enjoyed ourselves very much and had a great time, as did everyone else, I think. One of these days we'll need to host our very own big games night, but we need to get some things first (like some card tables and card chairs and that kind of thing).

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