Monday, February 12, 2007

Supporting our ideals

We took the Honda Civic Hybrid out again today. We both decided that we do like it a bit better than the Nissan Versa; the Versa is a good car much like our own, but the Honda is a little bit of a step up.

We have run all the numbers, and yes, the Hybrid is a bit more expensive, but the monthly payments aren't that much more (although they do go on for an extra year). The payments for either are well within our budget. The insurance would be $10/month more than the Versa, which isn't very much.

So it looks like we're going to go with the Hybrid, and with our ideals, instead of the Versa. We'll be out for the next couple of days, but we hope to seal the deal by the weekend. If we don't get the car on the lot, then we might have to wait for 6 weeks or so before the car is delivered. That's not a problem.

The only question is, what do we do with our current car? The lease isn't up until July this year. We're thinking of parking it somewhere; we just have to find a place to put it. We'll see. We'll be taking the plates off and putting them on the new car, I think. I don't expect that the car company will just let us take the car back early.

On another note, I'm having a lot of breathing/asthma problems lately. I have used my inhaler a LOT, which is unusual for me. I know that it could be related to the cold, but it wasn't even very cold out there today, and today was especially bad for me. I see my family doctor on Wednesday; I'll talk to him about this then.

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