Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Beads, beads, and more beads

Tomorrow night Ian is busy and so I'm going to spend it trying to make earrings. I still want to get back to working on the accent thingy for the purse I'm making. Ian says I never finish anything (which is partly true), but I want to try all of these different things, and I want to try the earrings fist. In order to make earrings, I need beads and findings, so I went looking for them today. I hope this works :) I know that it will be sort of tricky to bend the wire and stuff, but I think I can do it.

Michael's has a sale on sterling silver findings and some beads, so I bought a bunch of findings. I also bought a kit thing that has all of the different tools necessary for the job. The most important one will be the round-nose plier thingy used to make loops. Once I bought all that stuff, I went over to the local bead store, but they didn't have the beads I wanted. Sigh.

I had an hour before my group, so I went back to Michael's to get some beads. I managed to get a bunch and then somehow managed to get to my group on time, although I did have to rush. Time flies when you're looking at beads. After my group, I rushed back to the bead store to get some other beads. I now have enough beads to make two of the three pairs of the earrings I like. One of the pairs I can make multiple times over; I couldn't buy just a couple of beads, so I have a lot. :)

Tomorrow I see my family doctor and my surgeon and Ian has an appointment as well. We're in Mississauga tonight because the appointments are early and the weather is bad. There is a bead store in Oakville very near to my surgeon's office; I hope that there is time between my appointment with my surgeon and my family doctor to pop into the store and see if they have some more beads I like.

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Anonymous said...

How very exciting to make jewelry! Have fun and don't be afraid to try bending the wire with your fingers if it is a fine gauge. You can get very smooth curves and avoid kinks in your wire that way. Can't wait to see the results!