Saturday, February 24, 2007

Another happy day!

We went to Mississauga today because it's Ian's dad's birthday. We took some pictures of the car; they're available here. Ian's mom made a very yummy meal and cake; of course I ate too much! But it was so yummy that I couldn't resist! :)

Some of you may know that I've been working on taking good pictures of my jewelry. I haven't been completely pleased with the pictures to date; they're too dark and stuff, in my mind. Ian bought me a photo box thingy! It's a cube with translucent sides and two big lights. I'm so touched and honoured and pleased and happy!!! I can't wait to get all set up and starting clicking away! I'm so happy to have one of these as I think it'll make a huge difference in my photo quality. And I'm thrilled that Ian is supporting me in this jewelry-making thing. I do hope that I'm able to sell them - I'll have a lot of stuff if I can't.

Speaking of earrings, I've been having trouble with the silver oxidizing on my ears from the sterling silver earwires :( . I don't want this to happen to other people - someone suggested that stainless steel earwires would be good. I did a little research, and it seems that titanium is quite hypoallergenic, too. I think I have a source for sterling silver, titanium, and (maybe) stainless steel earwires. I'll call on Monday and find out. Then I could offer people their choice between the three. Does that make sense? Someone also asked for clip-on earrings - I'm looking into those. I think I can get sterling silver clip-on wire things, so I could offer that as a choice, too.

Someone asked for 10K gold - I think I'm not going to be able to go there just yet. It's expensive, and I don't want to sink much more money into this just yet. On our way to Mississauga today we stopped at a bead store in Oakville (and one of the local stores). I got a lot of beads - I seem to have an amethyst fetish right now, and I also got some tourmaline and citrine. Amethyst paired with either of those two is beautiful. So pretty......... but I don't need more beads. I just want them - my semi-precious bead fetish could (almost) replace my shoe fetish. I have lots and lots and lots of tiny little beads.... I want to do things with chains and stuff. So pretty....

Oh!!!!!!! I forgot to tell you about my chest xray results. It was clear!!!! So the cause of my coughing isn't something that shows up on an xray. That's good; it means that I don't have lung mets. :) It's practically celebration time!!!!


Darling Jee said...

Hi Chantelle

I really like the pink garnet and glass ones. If you haven't already sold those, I'd love to scoop those up. I'd wear them all the time. And I'd be interested in the stainless steel as well because my ears don't handle silver well either. If you decide to branch out from beads and do stainless steel earrings, I'd buy those too. I've been looking for some since early 2005.

Chantelle said...

The pink garnet and glass ones have been sold, unfortunately. I'll see if I can make something similar.

I will definitely be bringing in stainless steel earwires; I've found a supplier and will be ordering them shortly. I'll post once they've come in.

Take care,