Sunday, February 18, 2007

The usual kind of Sunday

We saw Bridge to Terabithia today. It was good - not quite what we expected, based on the trailers (we sort of expected something that was more like Narnia), but it was still good. The target audience would be pre-teens and teens with a good message, so if you like that sort of thing, I'd recommend that you see it. The special effects are very, very good.

The heroine (Leslie) reminded me very much of my niece. She was tall and willowy and had a beautiful face and eyes. My niece is beautiful like that. There was something about the way she moved, too, that reminded me of my niece - carefree and young and full of life and vitality. And she dressed in a way that I thought was like my niece; she was an individual and she put her clothes and hair together in her own way. It didn't matter what anyone else thought or said; she was her own person and she looked like that. My niece is like that, too. So I ended up watching the movie and thinking of my niece. I'm not saying that the heroine was EXACTLY like my niece, but she came across like my niece does, and just reminded me of her.

This is not to put down my nephews in any wya; they are beautiful and wonderful in their own way - but they're not girls. :)

I have finally taken good pictures of all of the earrings I've made. In doing so, I've found that some of my earring pairs differ in length by as much as 1/16" :( I'll have to fix those before attempting to sell them. The pictures are here. What do you think? Do the pictures accurately show the inherent beauty of the earrings? I'm assuming, of course, that the earrings are beautiful - I think they are, but I understand that others may disagree. :)

Ummm, yeah, I've made a lot of earrings. It is rather fun :) I really do hope that people will buy them; I know that the all-glass earrings won't be as expensive, but I do think that they're beautiful.

Oh!!!!!! Westjet will be flying to the Kitchener-Waterloo airport starting on May 14 until sometime in October. There's a seat sale on right now for 50% off from KW for travel from May 14 to June 27. So the price to and from Edmonton in that time would be $129. That is a fantastic price!!!!! If anyone is thinking of coming to visit, then please please please check with me before you book anything; as you know, we're doing some traveling. As well, my energy level varies depending on what's going on, and I wouldn't want to be exhausted during a visit.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, the photos are lovely - they show off lots of beauty! You may want to brighten/lighten them slightly, or at least increase the contrast digitally. I am really loving the work you've done so far...
p.s. Thanks also for the wonderful compliments regarding, well, y'know.