Sunday, July 31, 2011

Plenty of vegetables

Zucchini plants produce a lot of zucchini. We knew this before we planted the zucchini but it didn't occur to us that we would be harvesting multiple zucchini every day. Tonight we made zucchini-as-pasta and zucchini muffins and we still have zucchini left over! I foresee eating a lot of zucchini in a lot of different forms in the coming months.

Our cucumber plant, in addition to taking over its part of the garden, is also starting to produce cucumbers. Fortunately we're not going to end up with as many cucumbers as well will zucchini although we'll still have some issues trying to eat all of them.

The abundance of zucchini and cucumber lead me to think that we might end up with an abundance of peppers, too. Many of our pepper plants have peppers and flowers on them, indicating that we might have a fantastic pepper harvest. There are only so many recipes for peppers, although they can be roasted and used throughout the winter.

Growing vegetables is easier than figuring out what to do with them.

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sloth003 said...

now is when a freezer and dehydrator come in handy. :)

my mom used to grate zucchini into ziploc portions for muffins/loaf to be used frozen and baked thru the winter. i tend to dehydrate and toss in stir fry or soup/stew in the winter.

cucumbers a bit trickier... if you aren’t up to pickling then stealthy creep the neighbours at night and leave them on doorsteps.

peppers i do 2 ways. one is roasted red peppers. peeled and pieced and frozen flat on a cookie sheet. into ziploc and ready for everything in winter ( i usually buy at least a bushel and do up lots i use them in everything)
i also slice fresh peppers and freeze flat. into zilpoc once frozen. they are no good for eating just thawed but are great in soups, stews, stir fry or pizza toppings.

good luck.