Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New August appointment

Remember my oncologist was referring me to a specialist because I'd been sick on the July long weekend (and complained about pain before)? I finally got the call today. It turns out that the one good thing Bell Canada did when they messed up our phone number was keep the notification that our number had changed beyond the three month period it was supposed to be on. I didn't realize that the hospital didn't have our correct number until I was there a couple of weeks ago and saw it on a schedule they gave me.

Anyways, the new doctor wants my oncologist to set up an abdominal ultrasound. They've also set up an appointment for a gastroscopy (aka an endoscopy) for August 17. Fortunately all I have to do in preparation is not eat after midnight; I don't have to do any cleansing or anything. I have to be at the hospital at 11am and I'll be discharged around 3pm. They'll give me some twilight sedation which means that Ian will have to drive me home.

I'm supposed to have metalsmithing class that night so I talked to the person who called me and she said that I most likely wouldn't feel up to going because of the sedation. That kind of sucks because it's the second-last class and I'm already behind (and not likely to catch up quickly), but I don't want to give up my spot for the procedure.

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