Thursday, July 07, 2011

Spending time in the garden

Summer has finally arrived! It's been really hot here and it's finally stopped raining. Everything, including the weeds, is growing like a weed (so to speak). I figured that spending a few hours weeding and puttering around the garden and yard would be a good use of my time, especially since I didn't do anything yesterday.

While I was mounding up the soil around the potatoes, I discovered that at least one cat had "christened" our vegetable garden. That's in addition to the "christening" performed several times by the raccoons. We had cats when I was growing up and I never understood why people would get so upset when cats "christened" people's flower beds. I understand now. 

I tell you, weeding is hard work. My legs don't hurt as much as they used to so I guess I'm used to weeding. Maybe I'm actually getting exercise by doing this weeding thing? It's not exactly the same as going on an epic walk but it's fun in a different way. There's something about working with plants and the earth that is very satisfying (and tiring).

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