Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hot, hot hot

OMG it's hot out here. I'm so happy that we finally found a house and that our house has air conditioning because the highs this week are between 30C and 34C (86F to 93F). That doesn't even factor in the humidity, which will make the temperature feel north of 40C (104F). Ick. If we're lucky we'll get a thunderstorm tonight and some rain on Wednesday. After all that rain we had this spring, we haven't had any in weeks.

It would be almost impossible to deal with this heat and humidity with air conditioning. I usually find air conditioning too cold but right now it's perfect.

Our garden and lawn are definitely feeling the effects of the heat and lack of rain. The grass is yellow and I'm going to be watering our lawn tomorrow (our weekly lawn watering day) because we're afraid that the grass will actually die if it doesn't get some moisture. Hopefully it's not already dead and that this one watering won't be in vain.

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