Friday, July 22, 2011

Therapist appointment

I finally made the call to a psychologist today and I have an appointment to see her on August 4. I called and left a message describing my situation and the help I was seeking and she called me back about twenty minutes later. She asked a bunch of questions and said that she thought she could help me and we set up the appointment for after the long weekend.

I've been researching a lot of different people online and I chose her because I liked her profile (it's not so different from online dating, is it?). She's affiliated with a practice in Guelph and her graduate research area and main interests seemed to dovetail with my situation and needs fairly well. I also really liked that she practices both cognitive behavioural therapy and emotion focused therapy because, after researching both of these techniques, I could see that they might work for me.

I'm all excited and nervous and scared about the appointment. I know that this person might not work out and that's ok. I had made a list of my top three choices and I felt most strongly drawn to her so I thought I'd see her first. If it doesn't work out, I can see one of the other two in my top three or even someone else - after all, I could be wrong about the things I think I need, and so I might need a different type of counsellor entirely.

Of course all that worry and backup plan is for later. Right now I have to just get started and see where this road takes me.

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