Monday, July 11, 2011

Trying to stop the chipmunk thief

The chipmunk has been eating and eating and eating. Even when I would go out to scare him (her?) away, he would just run a little ways away and then come back when I'd turn away. We're going to get a proper barrier to prevent him from getting up there but we decided not to wait until we get it to take action. We drilled a hole into one of our plant pots and stuck it upside-down on the pole.

When the cute little chipmunk saw this barrier, he was very confused. He would stop and look, then go down, then go up into the pot, and then go down to the ground. He went up into the nearby bush but wasn't quite brave enough to make the jump (he will be in a couple of days, I'm sure). So he went to the next tree on the side of the waterfall and scoped the situation from there. Then he went back to the pole and repeated this process.

If the seed was free I wouldn't mind letting the chipmunk take it all and hide it away for the winter because he's so cute and I laugh when I see him digging out the seeds. However, the seed isn't free and I want it the birds to eat it. Not only does the chipmunk take all the seeds, when he's taking those seeds the birds won't go near the

I'm sure the chipmunk will figure out how to get up to the seeds again. I expect that watching him try to get there will provide me with hours of entertainment. Hopefully we'll have a proper barrier by the time he's learned to circumvent our makeshift barrier thingy.

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