Monday, August 01, 2011

One relaxing weekend

This has been a fantastic low-key long weekend for us. Normally on weekends we try to do something around the house and get things done so not doing anything felt like a vacation for us. Sure, we were busy on Saturday afternoon because the house was cleaned, but even then we didn't do every errand that we could have done. I feel positively relaxed!

It's just as well that we relaxed this weekend because this week is going to be quite busy for me. I'm doing at least one thing every day for the rest of this week. That's going to be quite tiring for me because I don't usually have to do that much in a week. I sound so different from the way I did when I was working, when I worked all day every day and then did stuff in the evenings.I know that there are people out there who might say that I'm lazy because I don't do as much as I did before. Life sure has changed, hasn't it?

I have to say that now that I'm used to this slower pace, I like it. I like not rushing around here, there, and everywhere and I like being able to live my life at my own speed. I love not having to spend my energy for the benefit of someone else. It's like I'm retired... and I love it.

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