Monday, July 04, 2011

Feeling much better today

I think I'm back to normal now; at least I'm able to eat normally and i'm not feeling the pain I was feeling before. The spot that hurts is right underneath my liver over on the right side. I'm still very tired but I think I'll live this time around :)

I would love it if this particular pain and/or discomfort would just go away. The pain I experienced on Friday was a bit farther down away from the ribcage than the usual pain location. The same pain also woke me the night before last in the middle of the night which is very unusual for me.

I was feeling so good today that I was able to eat normally (including some Ontario strawberries and early raspberries from our very own raspberry bushes) for the first time. And all the weight that I lost being sick has come back - which isn't a surprise and is probably a good thing. I'll still tell my oncologist that I was sick even though I'm fairly sure that it wasn't cancer-related.

Fortunately I was feeling good enough to go out and get some weeding done today. I think I've now finished weeding the entire non-lawn property. It must be time to start over, right? I'm also thrilled to tell you that the insecticidal soap is working in controlling the aphids on my lupins!!! The one that was having trouble is also starting to come back: there's lots of new growth there and without the aphids, that growth is doing just fine.

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manchester fat acceptance said...

so glad you are feeling better! i hope the oncologist finds it to be no cause for concern.