Monday, July 18, 2011

Where's the water?

The good thing about having mostly dormant grass is that the weeds are really easy to spot. Not all of our lawn is dormant, I discovered this evening while watering the lawn; within the brownest areas are some green plants. Our lawn must be composed of at least two types of grass (and maybe three or four) which might make it more able to deal with different situations.

Interestingly, there are two lush areas just below the waterfall. Even though we know that we lose water from evaporation and splashing, I've been wondering whether we lose more water somewhere. Based on the lush, green lawn spots, I'd say that some water is getting out. It's most likely a trickle or extra splashing that happens when it's fuller.

Speaking of watering, I was looking at our region's water conservation guidelines again and I just realized that the odd-even (odd numbered addresses water on odd numbered days and even numbered on even numbered days) watering schedule is in effect all year long. The only difference between those restrictions and the ones we have now is that from October to the end of May we're allowed to water our lawns on the odd-even watering schedule instead of just once per week.

I had no idea that we had these kind of watering restrictions in place year-round. Our region also has a pesticide and herbicide ban in place. While the restrictions make taking care of the lawn and garden a little more complicated, I like that our region is environmentally conscious and forward-thinking and I'm proud to be living in this community.

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