Monday, July 25, 2011

Well-watered lawn

Unfortunately our cleaning person was really sick and canceled work for the day. If she was that sick it's better if she stays home because I don't want to get sick myself. The cleaning person is coming on Saturday afternoon and she'll give us extra cleaning for free as repayment for the inconvenience. I checked that she will be coming even though it's the long weekend and she said that she'd definitely be there because she normally cleans on Saturday morning anyways.

We'll have to tidy up again on Friday but I don't think it'll take that long.

Since I didn't have to leave the house all afternoon I didn't get any errands done. I'd planned on buying a sprinkler for the lawn so instead of buying it myself I picked Ian up and we bought one together. We weren't sure what kind of sprinkler to buy so I did a bit of research. The interwebs said that an impulse sprinkler (the kind that goes pssssssssss-chk-chk-chk-chk-pssssssssss-chk-chk-chk-chk) was the best choice because the droplets were bigger, it gives more even coverage, and doesn't cause puddle.

It turns out that there aren't just different types but different sizes. Was a medium big enough? Or do we need a large? They give the measurements in sq.ft. (which mean nothing to me) and diameter (which is slightly more meaningful). It would have been easier if we could remember how big our yard was. We finally just bought the large one.

The sprinkler we bought is all-metal and we can adjust it to water any part of a circle as well as the how far and how forcefully the water shoots out. We managed to water pretty much the whole lawn (except for behind the fruit and tulip trees) without too much overlap or watering the paths or driveway. Hopefully we won't need to water the lawn much more this summer.

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