Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Busy week

I knew there was a reason that I took it completely easy last week: I'm crazy busy this week. This morning I had an optometrist's appointment where my pupils were dilated so that the retina could be checked. Having artificially-dilated pupils meant that I couldn't drive and I had to take the bus, which takes extra time. I had to be up a bit early so that we could water the garden and fill the waterfall since today is our watering day.

Then this evening I had metalsmithing and tomorrow morning at 8am I have Pamidronate. It'll probably be my last Pamidronate so I want to be awake for it. I don't think I told you that I heard from the finance person at the hospital about the denosumab. Apparently if insurance doesn't cover the cost of the drug there's a "victory program" where the drug manufacturer picks up the tab. Fortunately, our insurance covers the cost and there's no cap on that coverage. The finance person said that I'll have to go in to see my oncologist to set things up and I'm still waiting for that appointment to be set up. She also said that I'll pick up the prescription at the pharmacy at the hospital instead of at my regular drug store for the first few months because it's so new that my pharmacy might not be able to get it easily.

I think I'll be happy to be rid of the pamidronate although I'm not sure what to expect from the denosumab. It's delivered subcutaneously and I'm not sure who would do that. I'm not sure I can do it but I don't know if the hospital would do it or whether the home-care nurse would do it. This issue is the only one that I'm worried about with respect to this new treatment. There must be other things I need to think about but they're not at the front of my mind right now.

But first I have to get through tomorrow's Pamidronate starting at 8am. I'm so having a nap tomorrow afternoon.

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