Friday, October 15, 2010

We have our house!

We finally have our house! I've been dancing around with excitement all afternoon. We even had our first dinner in the house: takeout pizza while sitting on folding chairs at a card table.

We got the call from the lawyer at about 3pm that our keys were ready. We picked them up and drove to the house right away and looked it over. It was in about the same shape as it was the other day when we did the inspection.

Unfortunately, the sellers didn't leave us the keys to the door from the garage - which is sort of funny because they weren't willing to give us the PIN to the garage keypad, either. As well, the front door lock was really hard to lock from the outside. It was one of those Weisner locks that they advertise as being able to re-key really easily. We talked to the guy at Home Depot when we bought new deadbolts and he said that those locks end up being really fussy and hard to work. That was definitely our experience. We've changed both locks to a different brand (and they use the same key) so we won't have the fussy lock problem anymore.

Aside from changing the locks we didn't really do anything with the house today. Tomorrow morning the carpets will be cleaned and we'll start cleaning the cupboards. Once the carpets are dry (Sunday, we hope) we'll be able to start moving things in. Or painting.

We did go for a walk this afternoon along some of the paths nearby. It was a beautiful time of day to be out there. Because I know you're all interested in knowing what the area looks like, here are some pics:

I love that last one best. We haven't taken pictures of the house because it looks like it did before, except with no furniture. As we make changes we'll post pics for you. One thing I hadn't noticed before about the house: the exterior is light-coloured brick with dusty rose mortar and the front door is purple. The seller, who designed the house, had an interesting design sense.

I hope we're both tired enough to sleep... we've been so excited about the house that we haven't been sleeping all that well lately.


Tibcat said...

Ooooo.... I'm so excited for you!

PussDaddy said...

Congrats Chantelle!