Tuesday, October 05, 2010

If things are going well, why am I sad?

I was able to do get a bunch of the address changeovers done today. Some of them could be done online which simplified the process, but most require at least a phone call. One of them needs a faxed or in-person application so I'll go there on Thursday and get that done.

Everyone was easy to talk to except for Bell. The part where I changed the address for the phone went well, but the part where I was dropping the internet from them was not so fun. It turns out that Bell requires a 30-day notice to disconnect their internet serive. So if you move out the province, say, you still have to pay the bill for 30 days which I think is ridiculous. When they disconnect your internet, they send you a letter and postage so that you can return the modem. They won't send those until the 30 day period is over. I offered to pay the 30 days anyways if they could just send me the stuff, but they wouldn't do that, either.

By the end of this part of the conversation, it was clear to the person that there's no way that I wanted their internet so at least they skipped the questions asking if there was anything they could do to keep my business.

Ian had to call the cable company because I didn't have access to make changes. At least we're set up for the cable and internet in the new place now. The best thing is that we will have a really high internet cap - 60Gb/month - so we'll be able to enjoy our Netflix subscription.

I didn't do anything approaching packing today. These phone calls kind of took a lot out of me and emotionally I'm not feeling that great. I'm not sure what's wrong but I seem to be sad. Twice today I started crying for no real reason and I'm still feeling kind of fragile and on edge, and I still feel like I could start crying again at any moment. I thought that I just needed a good cry because I was overwhelmed but I don't think that's it because crying didn't make me feel all that much better. I feel like I'm folding in on myself, if that makes sense, and that I'm trying to protect myself, but I don't know why that would be. Some of this is probably related to packing and the move, and some is probably seasonal, but I don't know about the other part. I hope it doesn't last.

ETA: After I wrote this, I watched Glee... and I don't want to spoil anything for you, but there was a scene in there that reminded me of my dad. This time when I cried, I felt a little better afterward. Maybe I do need to cry. I wish he were here to see the house and everything. I miss him so much.

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