Sunday, October 03, 2010

The packing continues

Progress has been made! Boxes have been packed, garbage has been taken out, and items have been moved. We finished the sewing room and are now storing boxes in there, and we also got through the major parts of the computer room. We still need to sort through our files and music and stuff but if we run out of time we can put all that stuff in boxes and sort it when we get to the new place.

I'm feeling much better about getting things ready for the move. I freak out about the state of the house and the amount to do every once in a while but then we get more done and I feel better. Hopefully the guy from the movers has seen messier houses than ours. We're not hoarders but some people might think we have excessive amounts of dust and hair in our house. Our philosophy has been "if you don't bother the dust, the dust won't bother you," so we just let it lie undisturbed for the most part.

After spending the afternoon packing, we went for a walk around the neighbourhood. Packing is very physical work and the walk helps to stretch and loosen our muscles. Because I've had to pack I haven't been able to go for any walks, epic or otherwise, and I haven't really noticed how cold it's getting or how many leaves are falling. Autumn is definitely here and I'm a little sad about that. This past summer was so nice - a little hot, but not too humid - that I was able to spend my days outside in the fresh air. Even if we weren't packing, it's not really nice enough to be walking out there. I'd have to wear a hat, scarf, and mittens and the sun isn't the same strength.... it's just not the same.

I guess fall and winter aren't all bad. Snow is beautiful in it's way, as are falling and fallen leaves. And cold, crisp air is nicer to walk in than hot, humid weather. I hope that it's not too cold when we get the house so that I can explore my new neighbourhood. That way, I'll be ready to really enjoy the neighbourhood next summer.

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