Thursday, October 28, 2010

Places to go, things to do

I'm spending the weekend at the Body, Mind, Spirit conference in Toronto. When I signed up for the conference and booked my hotel room, I thought we'd be further along in setting up the house. We haven't got as much done as we'd planned but I'm going anyways because I think it'll be good for me. There are lots of workshops on different topics and I'm sure severak will be useful.

Friday afternoon's workshop is called Creative Art for Self-Expression, whatever that will mean. I've been asked to bring copies of pictures or people, places, or things that are significant to me for whatever reason for use in the project. I managed to scan some photos and find others on the old laptop and I printed them all on photo paper. I have nine pictures altogether and I hope that's enough.

Finding clothes for the conference hasn't been as easy as I'd like because most of mine are still packed. I have lots of slouch-around-the-house clothes out but not so many that are right to wear while doing things outside the house. I used to use the china cabinet as a dresser but now it's back to being a china cabinet. Fortunately we bought some new dressers today at Ikea.

Oh, how I love Ikea! There's so much practical stuff there that it's really hard to not spend tons of money when I shop there. Sure, the stuff isn't the absolute best quality, and it's not always our style, but it's fairly inexpensive for what you get. 

We spent the afternoon there wandering through the entire store. We hadn't been in so long that we had no idea what they have. We came away with dressers, a kitchen island, and some other odds and ends. All in all, a good - if exhausting - day's shopping.

I'm hoping to take it easy tonight (although tonight is rapidly ending) so that I'm ready for tomorrow and the weekend. I'll let you know how everything goes when I get back on Sunday.

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Tibcat said...

Sounds like an excellent way to destress about the move! Hope you have a great and informative time :)