Saturday, October 02, 2010

Packing fun

We finished sorting and packing as much of the bedroom as we could today, and we consider that room done. I also went through the bathroom and took out all of the expired meds (to be returned to the pharmacist) and got rid of the garbage. It's now ready to be packed up right before we move. Yay!

Tomorrow we'll finish the sewing room - the sewing stuff is packed but some of the craft items and garbage needs to be taken care of - and the computer room. Next weekend when we're not eating yummy turkey we'll focus on sorting and packing the main floor.

Now that we've made a dent in the house, I'm feeling better about packing for the move. We will need to do some last-minute packing of clothes and whatnot but we won't have to sort or clean those items. We can just throw them in a box or the car and go.

Even though we're spending a lot of time packing we aren't pushing ourselves to the limit. I can't afford to overdo it and neither can Ian - he has to work, after all. It's better for both of us to pack over a few weeks than to try to do it all in short period of time.

It's kind of strange that our landlord still hasn't acknowledged that we're leaving. We've been here for over five years and I expected the landlord to actually say something to us because we've been such good tenants for so long. Silly me. Of course neither the landlord and maintenance guy are known for keeping their promises, getting stuff done, or communicating with us, so I guess the total lack of acknowledgement should come as no surprise. But it did. Thankfully, in a few weeks we won't have to deal with them ever again.

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