Sunday, October 24, 2010

Moving our stuff

I know it's been a while since I last posted, and a lot has happened since then. So I'm going to break up the different topics into different posts, although they'll all appear on the same day. First up: the move.

The movers arrived at the old place early on Thursday and were able to back up the truck almost to the front stairs so that they could put the ramp directly between the door and the back of the truck. They were able to do that at the new house, too - without wrecking our lawn or the lawn in the middle of the court, like the sellers had done. Not having to go up and down the stairs into and out of the truck meant that the guys were able to move our stuff really quickly.

The guys were really friendly and professional enough for our tastes. Our furniture isn't in the best of shape and a couple of pieces were slightly damaged but we would have caused at least the same amount of damage if we'd moved the stuff ourselves. Overall, we were extremely happy with the company and the movers themselves, and we highly recommend them. We went with Wilke Movers (part of the United Van Lines family). To show our appreciation to the movers, we bought them (and us) a pizza lunch and gave them a moderate tip at the end of the day.

We hadn't packed up the kitchen before the movers arrived and we didn't have them move our clothes or anything. We figured that since the two houses were only a fifteen minute drive apart we would be ok moving some of the stuff ourselves. And we didn't really have time to pack up those areas anyways because we spent so much painting.

Unfortunately, that choice meant that we still haven't completely finished moving everything from the one house to the other. I think there are only a couple of car loads left. I hope.

We might have got everything over to the house sooner but I couldn't really help until today. I was exhausted after painting and the last-minute packing and the move itself and I needed sleep. All day Friday, I walked around like a zombie because I was so tired. I've been sleeping in (until the time I'm normally up) and I'm finally starting to feel like a normal person.

Except for my knee. Sometime on Wednesday or Thursday last week, I hurt my right knee somehow. I might have hurt it while standing around directing the movers on Thursday, but I'm not sure. It felt kind of swollen and I couldn't move it well over the weekend. It's a bit better now, although it's still sore on the inner knee, it's popping a lot, and I have trouble kneeling on it. If any of you know what could be going on with my knee, please let me know.

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