Monday, October 18, 2010

Now we're getting somewhere

The paint ended up looking really good, and I love the colour. There are a few drips here and there but I don't know how much we'll care about that. Ian took all the tape off and cleaned up the baseboards. Apparently we made quite a mess in the inner corners. We can also see the original paint colour in some spots up near the ceiling. We'll need to fix those up.

I'll post some photos after the appliances are delivered tomorrow so that you can see how awesome our kitchen looks.

We also spent some time today checking out why water is seeping into that room downstairs. At some point several years ago they'd had a crack repaired at the corner of the house. The crack is worse: it almost looks like the brick is pushing down on that corner of the concrete because it looks like that whole corner is falling out.

Now, that crack isn't on the same wall as in that room but we think that the water may be seeping in via the bathroom to that room because there appears to be water damage in the bathroomAnd we also know that they had a leak in the same room before. Since there was only one crack repaired and it appears that only one room had a leak before, we're pretty sure the two were connected before and are probably connected now.

Fortunately, there's a lifetime warranty on the crack repair and the warranty stays with the house. We'll have to read the terms and conditions of the warranty, of course, but we'll bring them in to take a look at it. If we have to fix the crack from the inside (tearing out the drywall in the basement) we'll do that. That crack needs to be fixed before the freeze/thaw cycle makes it worse.

Oh, and we also saw a small black rodent with a bushy tail going down a hole on the side of the house near that corner.

I'm sure the details of our crack aren't that interesting to you. Pun definitely intended: it turns out that Ian and I have the minds of teenagers. We can barely even talk about caulk without cracking up. :)

I also got to see my oncologist today. My tumour markers are at 35, which is great. My last bone scan came up negative, as expected. It's like I hardly even have mets. How can all these people be dying and I'm barely even sick? I'll take it, but it doesn't seem fair.


manchester fat acceptance said...

glad to read about the markers being really really good!!!

it is so interesting to read of the progress on buying and moving into the house. you must be excited and overwhelmed! saw the beautiful paths - looks so peaceful...

sorry to read about your friend.


Robin said...


I have holes in the ground under J's window. When I pointed them out to the landlord he thought it may be from moles. I told him if they don't bother him then I won't bother the moles. I know our front step is hollow and provides a nice shelter in the winter for the rodents. Maybe you have a nice winter home for rodents too :)

And yeah, cancer sucks