Sunday, October 24, 2010

Furnishing our house

We love love love our house. Even though we're not quite finished moving and the house is a complete mess, with boxes everywhere, it's comfortable and feels like home. I'm so happy we bought it.

I especially love the backyard. It gets almost no light from the neighbouring streets and the waterfall drowns out any traffic noises. The other night was a full moon which I've never really seen in the country or outside of streetlights. I know it sounds naive but the moonlight was really bright in the backyard! It looked a lot like early-morning light and it was absolutely gorgeous.

Loving our house isn't enough: we have to furnish it, too. Right now, there's no comfortable place to sit in the great room and we're using a card table for a dinette table. This weekend, we went out and bought - well, put a deposit on - some furniture.

The first piece we bought was that swivel chair we fell in love with ages ago. We should have bought it last month, when they had them in stock, because it was cheaper and available immediately. We ended up paying a bit more than we would have otherwise and it won't arrive for four to six months.

We did save some of that money on a La-Z-Boy reclining wing chair, which was on sale. I don't remember exactly which reclining wing chair we bought because it's really Ian's chair, not mine :) We chose a fantastic chenille fabric in earth tones to cover it. Fortunately, this chair will arrive in six to eight weeks, I think.

We also finally purchased our dinette set. We'd pretty much decided on the table style we wanted but we wanted to wait to buy it until we were sure we knew what colours would be around it. I'm happy we did that because the colour we thought we wanted would not have worked in the space :) We put a deposit on a solid maple 42" single pedestal round table with two 12" leaves and a bullnose-edge, 1 1/4" top plus four matching solid maple arrowback chairs, all stained in a lovely hazelnut. We won't see these pieces for about six months, I think. They're handmade by local Mennonite farmers and use little, if any, power to make the product.

Because the dinette set and one of the chairs won't be here until about my birthday, we might need to buy some less-expensive furniture for the time being. We'll see.

At this rate, it's going to take forever to furnish our house, because we don't want to go out and accessories like desks or ottomans or whatever until our furniture has arrived.

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