Monday, October 04, 2010

The move is on!

The mover guy came by today and spent a total of 15mins walking through the house, counting boxes, and noting how much furniture we have. The estimate he gave us was based on four guys with a truck moving us for eight and a half hours. The estimate was about what we figured it would be, and the company has a good reputation amongst Ian's co-workers, so we booked the move.

The bulk of our stuff will be moved into our new house on October 21, starting around 8 or 8:30am. This is so exciting!!!!

Now that we have a definite move date booked, I can get the phone and cable transferred over for that date. That part will be easy. What's turning out to be harder will be the utilities. Because we're moving to another city (Kitchener) even though it's got the same regional government as our current city (Waterloo), the utilities are administered by different companies.

I thought we'd be able to use our current gas supplier because all of southwestern Ontario is included in their service region, but I was wrong. It seems that all of southwestern Ontario except Kitchener north of the river (where we'll be living) is part of their service region. The electricity, or hydro, will also come from a different company but I was expecting that.

Here in Waterloo, water used to be billed by the company that supplies our hydro. Apparently that all changed last October; the city was supposed to bill each residence separately for water usage. We haven't seen a water bill.... ever. So all those times that Ian thought I was wasting water by having more than one or two baths in a day, well, it turns out that we're not paying for it. We haven't seen an increase in our rent to cover the water bill (which must be going to the property owner), so I guess we're getting a deal on our rent. :)

So tomorrow I'll spend quite a bit of time on the phone getting utilities and stuff set up, as well as calling to do address changes for some other things. After that, it'll be all about the packing.

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