Friday, October 01, 2010

Feeling better

I was still very tired and feeling icky yesterday which is why there was no entry. I ended up sleeping most of the afternoon and early evening both yesterday and today in addition to a good long sleep last night. I'm finally feeling a little better; I'm certainly feeling less exhausted. That's a good thing.

We went over to a friend's house to watch Iron Man 2. We wanted to see it but didn't get a chance to while it was actually playing. Overall, it was ok. it wasn't a particularly deep movie with lots of character development or anything like that. It was definitely more light-hearted.

This movie wasn't as good as the first one. I understand that this movie isn't just a sequel but part of a setup to an Avengers film. Therefore, this film had to introduce several of the characters in that universe and incorporate them into the story. In this way it was playing more to the Avenger fanboys than to "normal" people. If you like comic book movies or the Avengers then you'll like this one. It would be worth seeing on tv for free, too, maybe.

We also received our Kindles!!!! We'd ordered one in graphite for each of us (one has wireless internet capability; the other only has wifi) and we both love them. I read so much and I re-read so many things that having them available at my fingertips really appeals to me. Plus the Kindle is comfortable to hold, especially in comparison to really big books. Ian reads more slowly and has changed his settings so that each page shows less. He finds this easier to read.

Oh, and I can read the kindle in the bath by putting it in to a ziploc bag. This is definitely preferable to getting my books all wet like I usually do.

We're going to be spending the weekend packing. The moving company person is coming on Monday to give us an estimate to move our stuff. I'll be so happy when this move is over.

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Tibcat said...

So glad you are feeling better! Moving can be sooooo disruptive on one's soul :)
Love, Mom