Monday, August 09, 2010

Let the packing begin

Even though we have two months until we move into our new house, we don't want to have to rush to suddenly pack right before it's time to move. We've packed in a hurry before and it ends up being a very stressful, exhausting experience. The move is going to be exhausting enough for me and the longer I have to push myself, the longer it'll take me to recover.

This time, we're starting our packing early. We figure that if we each spend an hour or so each day and maybe a bit more on weekends, we'll be able to get quite a bit done without working too, too hard at it. Packing slowly like this also means that we can be sure that everything is packed and labeled properly and that everything is clean before it goes into the box. It'll also cut down on the number of miscellaneous or junk boxes - you know, the boxes containing the contents of entire drawers or shelves - we end up moving.

So today, I packed up all my beads and jewelry-making items. It's not much, but it's a start. We also took down the dining room table so that we have space for the boxes we're going to accumulate. Tomorrow I'll start packing up the books so that we can take down the bookcases.

At some point fairly soon, I'll need to tackle packing up my fabric and the rest of my sewing room. I have a ton of fabric that I know I don't want to move, but I don't know what to do with it. I don't want to throw it out and I'm took lazy to put it up for online sale. Any ideas?

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sloth003 said...

you can donate it.. schools, rec centers, goodwill,(any particularly nice 100 % cottons to your very dear friend Stephanie who quilts. ;) ) salvation army. or you put it up on craigslist or kijiji... or the super laziest option of all. leave it. the new folks who come into your place can deal with it. ( the folks who lived here before us did that with a tin of crap, ask how happy i was)