Friday, August 20, 2010

Was that a truck, or just the Pamidronate?

For some reason, the side effects from yesterday's Pamidronate have been really noticeable this time. I'm exhausted and have been falling asleep in front of the tv in spite of having a good sleep last. I'm also finding that my joints are very sore; the slightest movement is sending waves of pain through me.

I'm receiving the Pamidronate every eight weeks now and that might play a part in me being so tired and achy.I don't know if I'm noticing the side effects more or if they really are worse because I'm not having it as often or because I was already tired and sore from the week.

Of course I got nothing at all done today. I'm hoping that I'll feel better over the weekend and that I'll be able to do some packing. We'll see how I feel. It'll take me longer to recover if I overtire myself so it's better that I not overdo it.

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