Sunday, August 29, 2010

Not exactly packing

In the five years we've been in this place, we've accumulated a ton of stuff. And because we don't have the right kind of storage here, all of our stuff is all over the place. In fact, we have so much stuff everywhere that the only way to pack everything for the move will be to sort the stuff we have and to get rid of stuff we don't need anymore.

Today, we tackled our clothes. We got rid of clothes that don't fit or are dated or we just don't wear. Between the two of us, we filled eight large garbage bags of clothes. We now have half again as many empty hangers as filled ones. How ridiculous is that? I'll take the clothes to goodwill on Tuesday between the bone scan injection and the scan itself. There's three hours there; that should be enough.

We also got all of the books - about three or four reasonably-sized book boxes' worth - out of the bedroom. It's amazing that there was any floor visible in the room between the clothes and books. Oh, wait. We couldn't see the floor. Now we can, and it's better.

Tonight we're watching the Emmy awards. The opening was funny and we've had a few giggles through the show so far. I love some of the dresses the women are wearing (although some of them look strange to me) and I think that the overall dress styles are changing a bit. I'll talk about what people wore in tomorrow's post.

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