Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A different kind of shopping

I called the cancer center about my bone scan and a few hours later, one of the nurses called me back. Her only explanation for them not booking the scan was that they must be really busy. She did say that the order to book the bone scan was in the system, so at least I know that the scan will be booked. I thought about asking her if she could check the date of the order to see when it went in, since my appointment was last week, but I didn't. I thought if I did that I'd be upset when I found out that the order went in after my phone call this morning and not last week.

This isn't an urgent scan or anything so there's no rush for it but it bothers me if things don't run smoothly there. I figure that if things don't work well now, when I'm doing really well, how do I know that they'll work later, when time is of the essence? I know that I just need to stop worrying about that because worrying gets me nowhere. I'm trying.

My day got a lot brighter when my book arrived: I'd ordered Dream Sewing Spaces because, as you know, I get to create my sewing room from scratch (including the flooring and wall colour) in our new house. I'm so excited! I skimmed through the book and it has a lot of great layout and storage ideas for all space sizes and uses. I'll definitely use it to figure out how I want to set up my room.

Speaking of the house, Ian and I spent a little time looking at appliances and furniture this past weekend. We definitely know what we want in a fridge and stove but finding a washer is going to be a little bit more difficult. Washer technology has changed considerably in the last few years and the choices were a little overwhelming so we to do some investigation there.

We wanted to get a sense of what we like in furniture styles because we've never had the opportunity to choose our furniture. So we spent some time looking at different pieces and trying them out. Fortunately, we have similar tastes in furniture. We ended up giggling like a couple of kids while we sat in chairs and on couches that were sooo not right for us.

Finding the right-sized furniture will be tough. I'm not the tallest person ever and most furniture is too big for me. We want furniture that both of us can be comfortable sitting in as well as a super-comfy chair for me. At the same time, I don't want to end up with a baby-sized chair because that would look ridiculous in a room full of grown-up furniture.

We have some time before we have to actually buy anything - and really, most furniture can wait. Except, of course, for whatever I decide I need in my sewing room :)


manchester fat acceptance said...

have you seen 'big comfy couch'? it reminds me of our family.


i won a trip to GTA to see a band i really like!!! (down with webster). i will be in port dalhousie (okay not really GTA but for some reason the promoters are calling it GTA lol), from september 2 to 3.

something that makes me sad is that i don't think i will have a chance to visit you my beautiful sister, cuz they are flying us (kevin and i) in the one day, and out the next. but i'll let you in on my itinerary when i get it.

it makes me ache to be that close to you but probably won't get to see you.


manchester fat acceptance said...

yeah i got my itinerary and i am flying in & out without too much time in between. kevin and i think we will have about 3 hours before we have to be back at the airport, so we may just spend it at the hotel... wish it was a 3 or 4 day prize!!!


manchester fat acceptance said...

(about the 'big comfy couch' - i meant we are all little peole in big furniture lol)

Chantelle said...

Congrats on your trip!!!!! I'm so excited for you :)

Is there any time at all in your itinerary? I could come to see you if you've got a bit of time. I'd love to see your beautiful face, if only for a few minutes :)

Love you to pieces,