Monday, August 16, 2010

Taking care of myself

I should know better than to make plans to do stuff around the house. I'd planned to spend the afternoon packing because there's a lot of packing and tidying up to do.

But it was so nice and fresh outside, and the air was clear and there was a breeze and I decided that I couldn't just stay inside: I had to be outside. So I went for an epic walk instead of doing anything productive around the house. Just being outside in the fresh air with the sun and breeze on me lifts my mood and leaves me feeling happy and lighter, as though a weight has been lifted off of me.

I enjoy walking outside when I need to think about things but for the most part I just want to be outside. I don't usually sit outside because we don't have a nice place to sit; there's no grass in our backyard and there are noisy kids playing and and some crazy beeping thing making noise (it's been beeping every 35 seconds for days now).... it's just not a relaxing place to be.

Ian doesn't believe that I like being outside, because I've never just sat outside in any place we've lived. He doesn't seem to realize that we haven't yet lived in a place that has a nice, quiet yard. Fortunately, our new house has a gorgeous backyard with a huge patio so I'll be able to sit out there and just enjoy being outside. Or I can go for a walk on the nearby trails, if I need to walk.

I feel like our new house will be the perfect place for me to really take care of and nurture my emotional self. The house feels so peaceful from the inside out and I think that being able to retreat to this kind of peaceful sanctuary will help me recover from and deal with the stresses in my life. If only I didn't have to pack to get there. Tomorrow I'll pack... unless it's as nice tomorrow as it was today :)


PussDaddy said...

I would like to sit out more too. My front porch is not really sit-worthy though. And I could go into the back yard I suppose but the neighbors have kids and one of those huge above ground pools and the kids are noisy and I don't want them gawking at me or me at them. It has been really nice though here in the evening when it cools off. Your yard should be nice to reflect and chill out in though.


Robin said...

I love to sit outside too! I used to love having a picnic table in the middle of the back yard, I'd just plunk myself down and gaze out and the world.