Saturday, August 28, 2010

Movie day

Ian was out this afternoon so I decided to watch a movie on demand. I'd rented one the other day (Recycled Parts) but I couldn't finish it because the sound was so variable. The acting wasn't that great, either. I don't usually give up on movies so you know this one is to be avoided at all costs.

Today I rented Someone's Knocking at the Door, a horror movie about a bunch of medical students who take a drug and end up tripping and channeling these 70's rapist serial killers. Weird, yes. Gory, yes. Interesting - definitely. There's a mishmash of hallucinations and reality and pain and happiness and uncertainty in this movie. Each scene offered something new and there was a twist at the end that changed the entire meaning of the movie. I loved it. This was the kind of quirky, interesting movie that I really connect with and enjoy. If you don't mind some gore, drug use, and strange sexual situations, this is definitely an interesting movie.

I also went for a walk today because it was sooo nice - warm and not a cloud in the sky. I put a bandage on one of my toes that's been bothering me and when I checked my toe I discovered that it has three overlapping blisters on it. Sigh. It's the fourth toe (next to my baby toe) on my left foot. Back in the day, before my primary cancer, I used to get blisters on top of blisters and I'd lance them. I'm not sure that's the best thing to do now, though. I think I'll have to rest my feet for a bit and see if the blisters clear up on their own.

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