Tuesday, August 03, 2010

No mortgage approval yet...

We expected to hear from the financial planner person today about our mortgage application but we didn't. Of course I'm freaking out a bit (ok, a lot) because I'm worried that something's gone wrong. I think she was going to be working with someone here in our city and I'm worried that she contacted that person, left it in their hands, and that person hasn't contacted us for some reason.

We've emailed the person we saw on Friday and we'll call her tomorrow if she doesn't reply tonight or tomorrow morning. We have until Thursday night to waive the conditions on the offer (ie to say that the conditions have been met) but we wanted to do that by tomorrow. If we don't waive the conditions, we lose the house - and I don't want to lose it because the financial person didn't give us an answer in time.

We do know that the financial person is just getting approval for the mortgage; we're not getting the mortgage right now. Hopefully she'll contact us tomorrow without our having to chase her down. If we have a lot of problems getting this approval in time, what could that mean for the mortgage when we close? Closing time is stressful anyways and I wouldn't want to have any additional mortgage-related stress then.

Ok. Breathe in.... breathe out. Breathe.

Everything will work out somehow. I need to stop stressing and worrying because it's not doing me any good. In the worst-case scenario, we waive the conditions and then go mortgage-shopping. Somehow everything will work out. I understand now how and why buying a house is so stressful... I'll be happy when the stress part is over and we're in the house.

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Anonymous said...

I suspect that the stress part of buying and owning a house ebb and flow throughout the whole ownership - but this is definitely super high. Hopefully it is just someone being buzy and everything will sort itself out tomorrow.
Love, Mom