Thursday, August 26, 2010

Big, big walk

I ended up going for a really big walk today. Normally when I go on a walk, I stay in residential or parks area because I like the quiet. Today I was definitely in an urban setting because almost all of my walk was beside major roads. I haven't spent that much time near cars and their exhaust since before we got a car!

I started out by going to pick up a prescription at the drugstore. I was very pleased to see that the insurance I'm purchasing is working - instead of paying almost $45 for the pills, I paid nothing. Whew! One thing I like about my benefits insurance company is that when it comes to my claims, the system works really well. Ian has the same benefits insurance company and they automatically co-ordinate our benefits. I don't have to submit paperwork to his insurance company or tell my pharmacy about my new insurance; it all just works.

From there, I wandered around a few streets and decided that I wanted to go to the mall because I needed to pick something up there. Of course I walked around there for a while looking at things, although I didn't buy anything.

I tried to take a different route home but I ended up in this field that bounded by locked fences. Of course I got into the field by stepping over some brush and thistles, but I thought I was following a path there. Looking back, the path may not have been as clear as I thought it was. I'm sure I provided lots of entertainment for the people in the nearby office building, of course :)

By the time I got home, I'd been on my feet - walking almost the entire time - for three hours. Three hours!!! No wonder I was so tired and my feet were so sore when I got home. I'm quite tired now and am looking forward to a big night's sleep because tomorrow I've got to run some other errands.

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