Friday, August 27, 2010

Another big walking day

The cancer clinic called today with my bone scan appointment. It's scheduled for next Tuesday. The timing for the call and the appointment are consistent with the order for the scan going in this week and not last week when I saw my oncologist. Sigh. At least I have the appointment now.

Again, this isn't a big rush or anything because it's just a routine scan. I just wanted it to be scheduled.

Speaking of scans, I need copies of all my chest Xray and CT scans for the respirologist's appointment next Thursday. I picked those up today and of course I looked at all of them when I got home. I had to check and make sure that each disk works, right? The fact that I love looking at scans of myself had nothing to do with it. :)

The CT scans are cool. Some of them are from my neck to pelvis, some are from side-to-side, and others are front-to-back. Honestly, I don't know how anyone can see anything in these images. I know in the last one they'd seen some enlarged mediastinal lymph nodes but I couldn't find them. It was interesting to see where my port thingy goes. I thought that the tube was attached to a vein in my neck but it just bends there and ends up somewhere in my heart. Seeing that bend in the tube, I understand why certain neck positions result in a better blood flow than others.

Once I picked up my disks from the hospital, I decided I'd walk home. I took the bus there but it was such a beautiful afternoon that I wanted to enjoy it. That walk is about an hour and a half which is well within my current capabilities. What a long way I've come! At the beginning of summer I couldn't even walk 45 minutes without having to stop, and now I do huge walks two days in a row!

Halfway through the walk home, I stopped and got myself a yummy ice cream (vanilla ice cream flavour with a double scoop of oreo cookies) from Marble Slab. I discovered that the large cone, with 10oz of ice cream, is delicious but too big. Of course I finished the whole thing anyways - I'm not going to let something that good go to waste - but I haven't eaten anything since. That was definitely my idea of a yummy supper.


Robin said...

My favourite from Marble Slab is white chocolate ice cream with raspberry mixins in a white chocolate dipped waffle cone :)

Tibcat said...

Oooooo.... I hadn't heard about Marble Slab ice cream. Definitely on my list to try.

manchester fat acceptance said...

i had a humongous marble slab a couple of weeks ago. bubble gum flavour, with a big pile of whipping cream and sprinkles on top, all served in a big waffle cup dipped in chocolate and covered in more sprinkles...omnomnomnom...

p.s. a friend of mine took a photo of his broken bone x-ray. apparently they were reluctant to allow him to do so, but he convinced them! i would do the same thing!