Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lazy, lazy day

We'd sort of planned to go window shopping for appliances this afternoon. We're going to need appliances for the house because we didn't want the ones that came with the house but we have no idea what we want in our appliances. We've never given them any thought, really, because we never had much in the way of choice for them.

But it's hot out there and we were still tired from yesterday's epic two-hour walk around our new neighbourhood so we decided to be lazy instead. Ian spent the whole day inputting our house into that software that we bought - he's pretty well finished adding the walls, floors, and windows to the house. It looks so cool! Once the wall and floor colours and textures are added, everything looks so real. We still have to add lighting and landscaping but the bare bones are there. This software will be a big help in figuring out furniture configuration and general paint colour shades. And it'll be of great help in designing my sewing room, once I figure out what I want there.

While Ian worked on the software, I watched tv and surfed the internet. I know we watched at least one movie that was playing on tv but I don't remember what those movies were called or their subjects. What was on the tv didn't matter so much because it was just background noise for us to be lazy.

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