Saturday, August 21, 2010

Oh yes, I'm tired

As expected, I've been exhausted today. I even started dozing in my bath this afternoon and I'm very tired even now. All I did today was go out to the bookstore and buy some home decorating magazines to look through.

We'll be able to buy real furniture for the house but we have no idea how we want to decorate our house. We'll live with the current wall colours for a while but we'd like to have places in the great room and entertainment areas for people to sit. We'd like to have a bit of a plan before we start buying furniture so that we have a good idea of what colours and styles we like most.

Besides, looking through decorating magazines is fun. :)

Tomorrow we're going to look at appliances to get an idea of what we want in them. Again, we've never had to buy appliances so we have no idea what styles we'll want. That shouldn't be too much for tired me.

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