Thursday, September 04, 2008

A fun-filled CT scan day

Today's CT scan was uneventful. A CT scan with the contrast injection is so easy - they set up an injection line, you go through the donut, and they give you the contrast via the injection line, and you go through the donut again. The whole thing takes about 15 or 20 minutes (including waiting time). My nurse was weird - she kept calling me things like "honey" and "dear" and "my love". She called other patients these things too but it was still on the weird side.

I asked the nurse where the Freeport Health Center is and she asked me, "when you leave here to go home, which way do you go?" I told her that I went north along Weber and she told me to go south on Weber; when I got to Fairway road, keep going and it's on the left before the bridge. I said, "so it's by Fairview Mall, right?" and she said, "the parking lot is on the left." And then I said, "so it's by Fairview Mall?" and she said, "the entrance is on the left from the parking lot and it's only about 20 steps in." I think it's by Fairview Mall.

The reason that I asked is that tomorrow I get to have a mammogram there and I wasn't sure where the center was. I haven't had one of these in a while but there's a weird thing going on where I had the last biopsy done. There's some kind of thickening there again; we think it's scar tissue from the core needle biopsy. Since it's most likely scar tissue, it's probably not worth doing another biopsy so we'll do the mammogram. Besides, the cancer is more likely to grow in the breast right now since my sternal mets are stable and so doing mammograms is a good idea.

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